Google AdwordsMany people say, if only I could get my website to the top of Google my sales would go through the roof!  But would they really?  Is your website capable of turning visitors into Customers?  Is there a market for your products?

There’s one way to find out.  Google Adwords for Search.  You create an ad which is displayed when certain keywords are entered in the Google search.  Select your keywords carefully.  The default setting is for Google to allow additional words in the search.  For example if you enter “soft-serve ice cream”,  Google may show your ad for “soft-serve ice cream machines”.  It is probably worth hiring someone who is experienced with Google Adwords and understands the different types of searches.

Click here for Google’s own explanation the different types of keyword matching

You only pay when the searcher clicks on your ad.   Set up your budget so that at least 500 people visit your landing page.  Set up a tracking system beforehand so that you can analyze the visitors’ behavior.  How long do they stay on your site?  How many go away immediately without looking any further through your site (bounce rate)?  What other pages do they visit?  What page is the last one they visit before they leave your site?  What ratio of Sales to Visitors did you make? Do you know how to use Google Analytics?

If you didn’t make any sales you may need to look at a few aspects of the website:

  • Overall Impression
    Does it have a professional feel to it?
    Does it instill trust into the visitor?
  • Written Content
    Do you have a Call To Action?
    Is it clear and appealing?
    Does it convey your message well?
    Is there anything that may be confusing the visitor or putting them off?
  • Sales Process
    Test it thoroughly to make sure that all payment types work properly.
  • Split Test
    Changing the colour or images or  even just a few words on a page can make a surprising difference to Sales, so test different versions of the same page, changing only one thing at a time, so that you can tell which change made the difference.
  • Competition
    Don’t neglect to look at your competitors’ sites too.  If their offer is much better than yours you may have a clue to what the problem is!