What is Guesswork Costing Your Business?

Do you know

    • how many people visited your website today?Google-Analytics specialist
    • where they came from?
    • how long they stayed?
    • which pages they visited?
    • which links they clicked?
    • were they using a mobile device?
    • what your most popular page is?
    • which page most visitors leave from?
    • what your conversion rate is?

Does it matter?  You bet it does!  Your visitors’ behaviour tells you about the effectiveness of your website and indicates how and where to make improvements.

And if you’re using Google Adwords, (Pay Per Click) to drive traffic to your site there’s even more information that you should be paying attention to.  What search phrases are they using?  What did you pay for each click for those search phrases?  What was the click through rate?  Did those clicks result  in any sales?

If you don’t know (or someone doesn’t know) you’re like 80% of businesses.  But knowledge or ignorance could make or break your business.   The effective use of Google Adwords, Webmaster Tools, and Analytics along with researched conversion techniques could revolutionize your business.

With a conversion rate of 2% you need 50 visitors to make a sale.  With a conversion rate of 0.1% you need 1000 visitors to make a sale.   All the information you need to analyse your website and improve it to  attract the right visitors and convert them into customers is available and we know how to use it.

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