PPC Advertising Services (Adwords)

We understand that your business is unique, with  its own set of challenges and opportunities.  That’s why we give you personal attention when setting up your Google Adwords campaign. Here’s what we’ll do for you: 

Google PPC Traffic


  • We won’t make you sign a minimum time contract. – You can cancel any time.

Expert Customization

  • We’ll work within your budget.
  • Keyword research and Ad creation.
  • We’ll minimise your cost per click by maximizing your Quality Score (considering campaign structure, keyword match types, landing page experience, bounce rate, page content). (see our blog post for more information  on how Google Adwords works)

Ongoing Improvement

  • We’ll make suggestions for improving your conversion rate
  • Daily monitoring and tuning to minimise irrelevant clicks and  increase effectiveness.
  • A/B Testing to improve on ad content.
  • We’ll stay up to date with changes in the Google Adwords system.
  • Monthly Reporting


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